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Cash Loans Invercargill

Need a loan in Invercargill? Look no further than QuickCash Finance, the fast and convenient solution for online Invercargill loans.

You can apply in less than five minutes, and cash can be in your account in less than 25 minutes.


Easy Online Application

How? QuickCash uses a revolutionary new online loan application process. Everything is done digitally. So you can apply from any smart phone, tablet or desktop. If approved, we’ll send you your loan contract electronically, and you can sign it digitally… which means you no longer need to print out forms, sign them, scan them, find a car park and visit the bank.


Fast Loans Anywhere in Invercargill

It’s no wonder that more and more kiwis across Invercargill are turning to QuickCash Finance when they need a loan. Be it a car loan, a travel loan, a medical loan… whatever the case. In fact, we specialise in emergency loans, offering you a fast application process so you can take care of that emergency as effectively as possible.

And it doesn’t matter where in Invercargill you are. Whether it’s Ascot or Avenal, Gladstone or Glengarry; QuickCash Finance is your answer for fast, same-day cash loans. Just jump online, and let us know how much you need.


Invercargill Loans Made Easy

So what are waiting for? It really is the simplest way to get a loan in New Zealand. In the time it took you to read this text, you could have completed an application.

So apply today, for an online cash loan in Invercargill.

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No need for printers, scanners or trips to the bank
Cash in 25 minutes
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Disclosure - Costs of Borrowing

Annual interest rates

At QuickCash our interest rates are set according to the Loan to Value Ratio (LVR), using the amount borrowed and the security available. We never change a fee for early repayment and our interest rates are fixed to provide certainty throughout the life of your loan. Below is a table showing the Annual Interest Rates (AIR) for each security type and LVR.

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Security/LVR0-20% LVR21-40% LVR41-60% LVR61-80% LVR81% + LVR
Residential first mortgage
(with registered valuation addressed to QCFL)
12.5% interest16% interest18% interest20% interestN/A
Residential first mortgage14% interest16% interest18% interest20% interestN/A
Caveat21% interest23% interest25% interestN/AN/A
Motor vehicle, boat, caravan, processing plant or other16% interest18% interest26% interest26% interest26% interest
Security/LVRResidential first mortgage
(with registered valuation addressed to QCFL)
0-20% LVR12.5% interest
21-40% LVR16% interest
41-60% LVR18% interest
61-80% LVR20% interest
81% + LVRN/A
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Security/LVRResidential first mortgage
0-20% LVR14% interest
21-40% LVR16% interest
41-60% LVR18% interest
61-80% LVR20% interest
81% + LVRN/A
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0-20% LVR21% interest
21-40% LVR23% interest
41-60% LVR25% interest
61-80% LVRN/A
81% + LVRN/A
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Security/LVRMotor vehicle, boat, caravan, processing plant or other
0-20% LVR16% interest
21-40% LVR18% interest
41-60% LVR26% interest
61-80% LVR26% interest
81% + LVR26% interest
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