Responsible Lending

QuickCash is committed to being a responsible lender. Everything we do complies with the Responsible Lending Code to ensure we operate fairly.


Interest Rate

At QuickCash Finance our interest rates are set based on whether a loan is Secured or Unsecured.

For Secured Loans the Annual Interest Rate (AIR) is 29.99% p.a

For Unsecured Loans the Annual Interest Rate (AIR) is 34.99% p.a


Establishment Fees

All of our loans have an establishment fee, whether it is a new loan or a refinance. This is the fee for receiving, processing and advancing your loan. For loans of $200-$500, the establishment fee is $170. For loans of $501-$20,000 the establishment fee is $250.


Admin Fee

There is also an administration fee with all of our loans, to cover the costs of administering each loan. We have designed this to incorporate all administrative costs, so we don’t charge you for your 6-monthly statements, balance requests, processing of payments or anything else involved with your loan, to give you the certainty of a fixed cost throughout the life of your loan. Our administration fee is $4.35 per week, but only charged while the loan is active.


Default Fee and Default Interest

If a loan goes into default, default fees and default interest will apply. The default fee and default interest have been designed to cover the increased cost to the company for the frequent monitoring, additional contact with the borrower and third parties (eg: budget advisors or guarantors) and the increased reporting requirements. The default fee is $0.76 per day, payable daily but charged weekly. And the annual default interest rate is 12%, which is only charged on the portion of the loan that is in default.

Additional Fees

Please refer to the Disclosure Statement for a full break down of our fees and an example contract:



When you apply for your loan we make every effort to ensure you’re capable of repaying it. However we understand circumstances change. If you suffer an unforseen event and can no longer maintain your repayments, give us a call on 0800 784 252. We can work with you to get through the tough times, and if you are struggling you can make an application for hardship. When we receive this we will work with you to come up with a plan to get ahead.

To make a hardship application you need to submit it to us in writing, alongside 90 days worth of bank statements. We will then work with you and a budget advisor to determine the best course of action. Please call us on 0800 784 252 for a hardship application form.


Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

We also offer the option of Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) for your piece of mind. This is not compulsory, but you can read the policy booklet here and decide if it is right for you.


Changing contact details

If you change address or phone number, please advise us by calling 0800 784 252. We need to have your current address and contact phone number at all times. This allows us to keep you informed of your loans progress and contact you immediately if the loan is in default.


Credit Criteria

Our credit decisions are made based on a variety of data and legislation. More information is provided here

We ask that prospective customers respect our credit decisions as they are made in the interests of responsible lending.