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Cash Loans Hastings

If you’re looking for a loan in Hastings, then QuickCash Finance is here to help. For almost 20 years QuickCash has been providing Hastings loans and helping kiwis with finance in the Hawkes Bay.


Easy Online Application

Our smart new system makes the application process a breeze. In less than five minutes, you can apply for an online loan, and in less than 25 minutes that cash loan can be in your bank account.

Forget the old-fashioned trips in to the CBD, and all the paperwork that goes with it. Apply for a loan online, and if approved, we’ll send you your loan contract electronically, and you can sign it digitally… which means no more forms, printers, scanners and awkward trips to the bank.

So what are you waiting for? Apply for finance online today and see why QuickCash Finance is Hastings’s preferred choice for cash loans.


Fast Loans Anywhere in Hastings

And let’s face it, we all need finance every now again. It could be an emergency loan for hospital bills, vet bills; a car loan for repairs or a new vehicle; or simply a shopping loan so you can finance an overseas holiday or some much needed retail therapy.

Whatever it is, you can apply quickly and confidently thanks to QuickCash Finance’s online loan applications.

And it doesn’t matter where in Hastings you are. Whether it’s Flaxmere or Frimley, Te Mata or Tomoana; as long as you have an internet connection, QuickCash Finance is your answer for fast, same-day cash loans.


Hastings Loans Made Easy

So what are waiting for? Apply now, and in the time it takes to watch a few quick videos on Youtube, you could have cash in the bank thanks to QuickCash Finance.

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Disclosure - Costs of Borrowing

Annual interest rates

At QuickCash Finance our interest rates are set based on whether a loan is Secured or Unsecured.

For Secured Loans the Annual Interest Rate (AIR) is 29.99% p.a

For Unsecured Loans the Annual Interest Rate (AIR) is 34.99% p.a

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Security/LVR Residential first mortgage
(with registered valuation addressed to QCFL)
0-20% LVR 12.5% interest
21-40% LVR 16% interest
41-60% LVR 18% interest
61-80% LVR 20% interest
81% + LVR N/A
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Security/LVR Residential first mortgage
0-20% LVR 14% interest
21-40% LVR 16% interest
41-60% LVR 18% interest
61-80% LVR 20% interest
81% + LVR N/A
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Security/LVR Caveat
0-20% LVR 21% interest
21-40% LVR 23% interest
41-60% LVR 25% interest
61-80% LVR N/A
81% + LVR N/A
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Security/LVR Motor vehicle, boat, caravan, processing plant or other
0-20% LVR 16% interest
21-40% LVR 18% interest
41-60% LVR 26% interest
61-80% LVR 26% interest
81% + LVR 26% interest
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