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How to Get Help Paying for a Lawyer

Let’s face it, consulting a lawyer, going to court, and paying for a lawyer can often be very stressful. From worrying about the legal process to the legal costs you’re going to have to pay, this can be an exhausting time. Some people find that getting legal finance to help pay for a lawyer can minimise this stress.

If you’re looking for extra help paying for a lawyer, QuickCash can help you with our legal loans. This can be a big decision so here’s everything you need to know about getting help paying for a lawyer.

Why might someone need help paying for a lawyer?

You may need help paying for a lawyer whether you’re looking to buy a new home, need to go to court, or need any legal advice. Legal fees can stack up easily and become expensive if you don’t have a plan in place to pay them or they get outside of what you can afford. Depending on your situation, the cost of the lawyer may also vary. At QuickCash we can help you get a legal loan to set your mind at ease when you’re going through this stressful period.

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How can a legal loan help pay for a lawyer?

Like with any other expense, you can get a legal loan to get help paying for a lawyer. Getting a lawyer can be a stressful process, and a legal loan can help you focus on things that matter the most while knowing you’re financially sorted for the fees. At QuickCash, we’ve been helping kiwis with paying for legal fees for nearly two decades. A legal loan can help lift the burden off your shoulders and get your legal fees paid on time, whether it be an extra $200 or $1000 that you need.

We offer unsecured loans of $200 – $500. For this, you’ll need to have a good credit record and meet our other lending criteria. If you’re looking to get a loan above $500 we require security. This means the value of your security will need to be greater than the amount you’re borrowing. Things such as real estate, boat or motor vehicle can be used as security. To apply for a legal loan to get help paying for a lawyer all you need to do is fill out our application form online.

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How fast can QuickCash get money to me?

When applying for a quick personal loan, our loan approval system at QuickCash is fast. There’s no need for visits to the bank, or waiting on the phone talking to multiple people. Once you’ve submitted the form online, we’ll assess the information you’ve provided in around 25 minutes. If your loan is approved, you can sign it electronically. No need for any extra paperwork and you could have the cash in the same day.

Can you get a legal loan with bad credit?

If you have a history of bad credit you can still be considered for a legal loan in New Zealand. There are different loan options available for people with bad credit, as well as things you can do to improve the chances of being approved. At QuickCash, our software scores each applicant using data from credit checks, land and vehicle ownership records, online public records and your repayment history with other lenders.

If you think you may have bad credit, check out the steps listed in our article, ‘Applying for Personal Loans with Bad Credit’.

What are some tips for choosing an affordable lawyer?

Figure out the purpose

It’s important to figure out what you need a lawyer for. Lawyers deal with many different cases and some specialise in particular areas such as family law, property, criminal etc. Therefore, a family lawyer may not be able to help you with property matters.

Get referrals and recommendations

If you know someone in your family or friend group whose gone through a similar situation ask them for recommendations on what lawyer or firm they used. This can help you pick an affordable lawyer as they’ll know how much paying for a lawyer cost them. Additionally, you can ask at a Citizens’ Advice Bureau or community law centre.


The New Zealand Law Society has a range of services you can use to find lawyers in private practice who hold current practising certificates. You can find a lawyer or organisation by entering the information about the type of lawyer you need and where.

You can also check if the lawyer you’re thinking of consulting holds a current practising certificate by searching the Society’s Register of Lawyers.

Understand the fees and costs

When you’re about to consult a lawyer, make sure you’re organised and understand all the possible fees when it comes to paying. Make a list of questions you want to ask the lawyer before instructing them to do any work. Also, remember to ask them what their rate is and how much everything will cost. You can also tell your lawyer that you don’t want to spend more than a certain amount in legal fees and to consult you before going over the amount. Check that you and the lawyer understand and agree about what work is to be covered and what the fees are likely to be.

What are some tips on paying back the loan quickly?

If you want to pay off your personal loans fast make sure you’re not borrowing more than you can afford to pay off. Most people find that the easiest way to pay off the loan is by rounding up payments. if you usually pay $190 a month, round it up to $200 and you’ll see yourself paying it off faster. You can also set up automatic payments so you don’t forget about the pay dates. At QuickCash, there are no charges for early repayment, so you’ll save money on interest by paying off your loan quickly.

If you need help paying for a lawyer, get in touch with us at QuickCash. We’re here to make applying for a legal loan easy. You can apply online or feel free to contact our support team on 0800 784 252.

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